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Artistically Inklined Tattoo Studio

Each artist at Artistically Inklined Tattoo Studio LLC works directly with clients to create body art based on their input but also provides guidance and artistic vision for the process. We believe you should pick an artist based on how their style fits your unique needs. Make the tattoo of your dreams come true with us.

come on in! we are accepting walk-ins.... artists: George and Kathy

red rose cover up


Owner / Artist
Kathy started tattooing in the early '90s in Lansing, Michigan
and moved to Harrisonburg in 2004.
She's a detail-oriented, illustrator-style artist.
Her first tattoos were Garfield and Odie in elementary school with markers on her friends. Kathy went to school for fine arts and studied design as well as computer animation in College. She started tattooing before even finishing her education.  She has been tattooing since 2004-- 10 years in Michigan , and now in the valley for 19 years. She enjoys working on all types of designs from simple color cartoons to highly technical geometric patterns. 

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